We offer unique custom canvas paintings that are superior to others. The price depends on the subject. Please send us a picture and we will return with a creative idea along with a quote. Please see our portfolio for reference.
Yes. Our monochromatic portraits and pop art paintings designed in the cartoon style of Roy Lichtenstein are popular. Please send us pictures and let us know what you have in mind. We can make a preview of how the canvas will look when in position, if you send a photo of the location.


The price depends on how the logotype looks, how big the print should be and where it will be mounted. Please include a photo of the location where the logotype is going to be installed. The photo should be taken straight on. Measure off the width and height of the ceiling or the window. Send us photo, measurements and logotype so that we can reply with a quote.
Your Monroe Design wall decal normally does not leave any marks on a painted wall. The heat from a hairdryer eases the removal if it has been mounted for a long time. Decal mounted on glass does leave some marks however, the easiest way to remove these is by using a razor and/or a scotch bright sponge soaked in water and washing-up liquid. Removal of an old decal mounted on top of wallpaper usually leads to rips.
Our standard vinyl can only be used once. We also have a premium vinyl that can be moved around many times. Instead of the glue in the standard, the premium has microbic suction cups that easily stick to walls, furniture and glass. Contrary to the standard vinyl, the premium one is not produced in ready-to-go colors and has to be printed before cut. This reusable vinyl incurs an initial higher price which may be worth it depending your application.
Depending on which vinyl you choose, the supplier offers 5-7 years warranty. As long as the installation is done correctly, our wall decal / window graphic last for several years. However, if something like a hard window scraper rubs against the edges of the decal, these may unstick. Direct sunlight may shorten the durability on all decals. Especially durable vinyl is used for outdoor installation.

We have listed our best tips for mounting wall decals and wall graphics in the instructional video and the PDF-file below. Please contact us if you want to book a professional installer or if you have any questions.

Download instructions

  1. Measuring and taking a picture of the place for the installation.
  2. Creative idea sketch made on paper and/or digitally on the computer.
  3. Photo montage to scale of the sketched decal installed at the chosen location.
  4. Original ready for print/cut.
  5. Cutting on plotter. The adhesive vinyl comes on 120 cm wide rolls. Big decals are made in several pieces that are almost invisibly joined together at installation.
  6. The process resembles making gingerbread cookies. The design is cut out and all excess vinyl is removed.
  7. A semitransparent application tape is added.
  8. The decal is rolled up to be sent off for installation.
Yes, we have done many clean monochromatic portraits for example. Please send us your images and describe what you have in mind. If you include a photo of the place where the decor is going to be installed, we can make a preview to scale. This way, you will know how the finished project is going look when installed.
Sure! All of our wall decals are available in almost any color and size. Unusual colors, which we may not have in stock, are ordered in a couple of days. Depending on the design, we also print in four colors.


Yes, in Södermalm, Stockholm.
The price depends on the number of shots taken, how long they should be used and where they will be published. Photographer Daniel Lagerborn follows the Swedish Professional Photographers Association‘s price list. If the images will be used for a design project that we create – a new website for example – we will offer an attractive package deal.
We deliver digital files, unless otherwise agreed.
The selected and retouched images are delivered digitally on a link to be downloaded from.

Photo wall

Yes. We design customized photo wallpaper and install them in Stockholm. Elsewhere, we can help to find a good installer, in case you do not want to do it yourself.
The price depends on the subject and how long it takes to design it. We have good prices on wallpaper prints from our partners.
Yes. Please email us photos and let us know what you have in mind. If you include a picture of the place where the wallpaper is to be installed, we will make a preview to scale.


The price depends on how the logotype looks, how big the print should be and where it will be mounted. Please include a photo of the location where the logotype is going to be installed. The photo should be taken straight on. Measure off the width and height of the ceiling or the window. Send us photo, measurements and logotype so that we can reply with a quote.
The process varies. Sometimes we nail the design right away. Other times it takes longer. We are ready when you are satisfied with our product.
It varies but please allow for up to 3 weeks. We work to achieve the highest quality and sometimes it takes a little longer.
Vector is based on lines and can be enlarged infinitely without losing quality. A professionally designed logo is always made in vector format such as EPS and possibly PDF. Pixel-based formats like JPG, PNG, PSD or TIFF, just like photographs, are limited to a specific resolution and therefore can not be used for everything. We always deliver logos in vector.
Your logo and graphic identity will in a moment convey a sense of what your company stands for. Often, the logo is the absolute first thing your prospective customers see. Can you afford to make an unprofessional first impression? We think long-term and believe in genuine quality. Your logo will communicate the uniqueness of your company in a way that works for many years to come. Our price starts at 15 000 SEK. If you order other services from us at the same time, we will offer you an attractive package deal.


Four-color process printing consists of the four colors known as CMYK – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key color which pretty much always is black. Sometimes when you want a special definite hue, one can use a so-called spot-color. The color has a special number in a printed color libraries. Pantone Matching System, PMS, is most common. PMS enables the printers to know exactly what tone to be printed.
We prefer the logo in vector format like EPS and possibly PDF. Please send us all versions of the logo that you have. If the logo is in a pixel-based format such as JPG, PNG, PSD or TIFF, we will take that too. Depending on what is to be printed, we might need to vectorize the logo for you. To do this nicely it may take up to a design hour.
Yes. We work with several printing companies, which specialize in different kinds of printed materials. If you wish, we can help you with project management right through to finished product.
The price of the print depends on quality, material, color selection, quantity and format. We help you design a brochure that visually communicates the right feeling at a price that suits you.

Web design

It takes up to four weeks for Google to index a new website. A search for the name of your business will bring it up. Ranking on “the first page” for the specific keywords of your industry is developed with time and traffic. Many speed up the process by buying AdWord campaigns, in which you pay per click.
Yes. Your website is search engine optimized from scratch. We do not sell mere SEO but we adjust the setup to search engines like Google. We always start by analyzing the keywords for your industry, in your target area. Web design, text and headlines are then adjusted accordingly.
Copywriting is not automatically included but we can help you with it if you want to.
Yes. The popular publishing tool WordPress makes it easy for you to update your website with new text and images. We can also teach you the basics. If you want us to do future updates, it can be arranged.
Yes, our websites are responsive and adapt automatically to the screen size of the user’s mobile phone, tablet or desktop.
Your website has to be placed on a server – a so called web hotel. The choice of web hotel is yours but please be aware that the cheapest deal usually equals limited service and support. We prefer to work with Loopia, as their service is the best in Sweden.
Yes. We order domains in your name and you own them.
It varies but please allow for 5-6 weeks. Our goal is to produce the best quality of work. Therefore, we do not just throw together something as quick as possible.
Do you want cheap web design? To offer a set price for all web design is not very professional. You get what you pay for. The website is your display window and often the first contact with new clients. Can you afford not making a good first impression? Our design is professional with well thought-out structure that makes it easy to navigate. The user will associate your brand with genuine quality. You will get a website that matches your business and budget perfectly.