Terms & conditions.

The minimum age to enter into an agreement with Monroe Design is 18 years old. Under-aged customers need the approval of a parent. At the event of a dispute, Monroe Design will follow the recommendations of the National Board for Consumer Disputes.


In order to increase customer satisfaction when buying from us, we have the following procedures to enhance security at purchase.
Our internal security system alerts if an order is suspected to be a fraud. Sometimes this means that an order will be stopped even though there is no fraud. We hope that you, the customer will bear with us as this is for your safety. All suspected frauds will be reported to the police and the matter is then submitted to our security partners for further follow-up.


All products shown on monroedesign.se is produced immediately upon order and delivered within 2 weeks (domestic) and 3 weeks (international) from the time of ordering. We are not responsible for our suppliers’ stock and possible price errors. Sometimes a particular color of the vinyl film is out of stock. If this is the case, a mail will be sent to you within 1-3 days. Please contact us if you want to cancel your order or if you have any questions regarding delivery times, etc. If a particular color of the vinyl film is out of stock meaning a delay of your order and if you choose to cancel via our customer service, there is no charge.

Delivery times

Normal delivery time from Monroe Design is 2-14 days in Sweden and 5-21 days worldwide. All orders are sent to your delivery point, from where a letter will be sent which you bring when you pick up your package. There is a fee of 45 € for all packages within Europe which are not picked up. If not picked up, packages sent outside of Europe are billed according to current table of postage for that specific country.


SALE / deals without a clear end date are valid for as long as they remain at monroedesign.se.

Order confirmation

When we receive your order, we will send you a confirmation via email as soon as possible. Please check everything looks OK in your order confirmation and contact our customer service immediately if you have any questions. Please have your order confirmation with your customer id / order-ID available when you contact customer service. Do you want to cancel or change your order, please get in touch with our customer service as soon as possible. Since our deliveries are made as soon as possible, it is unfortunately not always possible to change the order. We are happy to check into that for you, if you make contact with us.


Monroe Design is responsible for shipping costs in Sweden. We send all our packages with Posten AB, Sweden. If goods are damaged or lost during shipment to the customer, Monroe Design is liable. However, you must notify customer service thereof within two months. If goods are damaged or lost when you return it, you are financially responsible. If you send a valid complaint back to us, the liability is ours.

Payment terms

VAT 25% is included in all prices. No charges are in addition to those listed at checkout. You can choose which payment method that suits you best. We offer two ways to pay for your purchase – direct bank transfer or PayPal.

Customer service

We have customer support via e-mail or telephone. In order to offer quick delivery, your order will go directly to production. Hence, it’s usually not possible to cancel your order or make changes afterwards. Contact us to see how far along we are and if we can make an exception.
We respond to all emails. If you have not received any response it may be because:?
* Our email is stuck in your firewall. Check with your provider.?
* You are trying to send an email to our no-reply address.?If you have been waiting more than 24h for a reply, please try to contact us again. We might experience a technical error. In case of any dispute, Monroe Design will follow the recommendations of the Consumer Complaints Board.

Return policy

It is important to us that you are happy with your Monroe Design. Therefore, we have a 14 days return policy for any non-custom order from the webshop. The only condition is that the goods is returned in original condition and that it is not used. Always enclose the original packaging. If we sent out an incorrect order, we will pay for the return postage. Follow step 1 and step 2 below to send your goods back to us. On the delivery note sent with every package, is a return note that you can fill in and send with the return. There is also a preprinted return address. If you lost these, you can write your own. Please add a note with information about what you send back and why. We also need your account number or social security numbers on the patch. Please send it to: Monroe Design, Varvsgatan 12, 117 29, Stockholm, Sweden.

Exchanges & returns

# 1 Return Packages: When you return the goods to us, you should preferably use the same package that you received the goods in.?
# 2 Return Postage: You pay the postage for a return. For complaints, we offer return postage. NOTE: You have the financial responsibility for that the return reaches us. If you pay by invoice, adjust the amount of the return itself on the invoice that came in the package on delivery. You only pay for the goods you retain and for return postage, shipping fee and billing fee. If you choose to return the entire order, you only pay for return postage. We adjust the invoice value as soon as the return is received.?If you paid by direct bank transfer, we will return the money to your account. Please remember that money goes back on the same date that you once did your order. If you paid by PayPal, the money will be deposited on the same PayPal-account, which they came from.?
NOTE: ?Normally, it takes about two weeks of submitting your return to us before you receive any refund. In exceptional cases it may take up to 30 days for refund, which is the maximum time under the law.?


We guarantee that the goods you have ordered are flawless upon delivery. If you receive a defective or wrongly supplied product, please contact us as soon as possible but no later than 60 days. We will pay for the freight for complaints if approved. Your complaint or returns should be sent to: Monroe Design, Varvsgatan 12, 117 29, Stockholm, Sweden.
NOTE: ?When a complaint is made, we will investigate the product. In some cases we may also send your complaint for investigation by the supplier of vinyl. Your opinions are highly valued, therefore please contact us with any concerns. In case of any dispute, Monroe Design will follow the recommendations of the Consumer Complaints Board.

Unclaimed packages

If we receive packages that have not been collected from the delivery point within two weeks, we reserve the right to charge you for all expenses incurred in connection with such return, plus a handling fee.


An order confirmation is automatically sent to the email address you entered in your customer data. You can also log in on My Page and see the order history.


The customer is obliged to provide the information requested on the registration form (name, address, etc.) truthfully and completely. Damages due to incorrect information shall be paid by the customer.


Monroe Design undertakes no guarantee for negligence, and discrepancies in the product relative to the product shown. With photos and other printed material, slight differences in color and surface quality can occur due to processing and printing technology. Also note that the on-line images will vary from monitor to monitor and can never exactly match the original.?


The customer has no right to commercially produce, reproduce or sell our products in person or through a third party, or to offer products from our catalog for sale online – with or without a preview or view them online for any purpose. Image rights are reserved by Monroe Design.